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JapanCase - Digital Business




Daniel Luna Omine


2006, February 5th


24 million yen


3 peoples


Import/Export goods, IT Industry, Languages translations


Mitsubishi UFJ, Okinawa Bank, Mizuho Bank, JapanPost Bank, Paypal, Bitwallet, Hong Kong HSBC, China Bank


Hello folks! My name is "Daniel Omine".
I came from Brazil to Japan in 2004 to work in factories as temporary worker.
However, i enjoyed living in Japan and decided to stay here as permanent resident.
I am mixed brazilian/japanese third generation. I borned in Brazil Campo Grande city.

Professional Qualification

I am full stack developer, specialized in PHP programming language with over 20 years experienced.
I came to Japan without any japanese language knowledge. I learned by myself on daily life.
In the first 4 months i worked in Japan factories building auto parts, cargo ships, etc.
The salary in Japan factories is high and do not requires so much professional skills, however, i would like to work as software engineer as i have worked in Brazil since 1998.

Professional Growth

Despite my low level of Japanese, I was hired as a software engineer by a small company in Kouzoji City, Aichi Prefecture.
The starting salary at the shipyard factory was 480,000 yen, but I decided to quit and enjoy the new job as a software engineer with a salary of 110,000 yen.
I quit my job in japanese factory whose salary was 480,000円 to start working as software engineer for 110,000円 salary.
Despite the low wages, it was a big challenge and an even bigger chance.

Freelancer? LOL

In 2006's February i founded my company under the name "JapanCase - Digital Business" as "kojin jigyou" (self employed company).
I'm not a mere programmer. I'm also entrepreneur.
If you came here looking for a naive and cheap freelancer to build millionaire solutions for your business, sorry.
Here you'll find an experienced web engineer that will evaluate the proper solutions for your business.


The main services are related to internet solutions, digital business consulting and marketing.
However, we also offer language translation, online sales and other businesses.

Systems development

Corporate websites, e-commerce (online store), landing page, blogs, accounting control, inventory control, POS Systems, Human Resources (HR), mobile apps, web content in general

Marketing and Creation

Expertise in UI / UX, social networks, integrated systems and general automation to facilitate daily work while reducing costs.
Logos, pamphlets, business cards, magazines, animation and 2D / 3D modeling, among other services.

Trading (FOREX, Stocks)

From 2021, we formally started consulting and mentoring services for who willing to work in the financial market.
Buying and selling stocks, currencies, cryptocurrencies, metals, commodities and other related.
Choice of brokers, platforms (Metatrader), deposit options and cash withdrawals.
Day-to-day tips and strategies for trading on various assets like Gold and Bitcoin.


We help you start a new business or improve your products and services related to the business areas we deal with.
Information Technology (IT), import and export, business hub between Japan and China, drop shipping, Trading (Stocks, FOREX).
Contact without commitment. We will be happy to help.

Language Translations

Translation services for documents, books, websites and general purposes.
Available languages: Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese), English, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish.

Platforms and Shopping Mall

Do you plan to expand your online sales?
Relay on us to set up your business in the main shopping malls such as Amazon, Yahoo, Mercari, Rakuten, Makemeshop, Aliexpress, Taobao, WeChat among others.


Japan Okinawa-ken Naha-shi Aza-Daidou 164


+1 5589 55488 55

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